How it all started:

The director who doubles also as a priest had a self-sustenance shop in Nkaimurunya Ward. It is at this location that many poor people flocked at his shop especially in the morning and in the evening seeking help for food. Most of them looked hungry and disturbed in the morning apparently because of hunger, others in the evening were wearing faces of despair. It appeared they never had anything to take them through the night.
You could ask why they were coming to the shop. The shop had become known as “Kwa pastor.” This meant they had confidence of obtaining something to eat. The pastor shared food stuff with them as much as the business could allow but this proved futile since it couldn’t be sustained for long. He sought the help of other faithful but the burden was growing bigger and wider.
This meant that there needed greater effort of collecting food stuff from various members of the community to help cater for this. This went on for a while but also proved unsustainable and unpredictable.  This made the pastor realize that the community was languishing in abject poverty. It also came to his attention that the community could not help fellow members alone.
During one of those hard days one of his frequent customers who identified herself often as “big customer” found him donating some food stuffs to the said members. She was touched by the work the servant of God was doing and advised him that the only way to go and have a sustainable project would be to open an NGO.Her name Mrs. Leonara Obara.She is the Program Officer