Welcome to Orthodox child rescue center. This is a child care center under Ongata Rongai Development Organization, which is a non-profit making organization under the laws of Kenya. It is run by Father Samuel Macharia, (Ignatius) of the Orthodox Church with the intention of assisting destitute children and, even if it’s only one meal a day. Most children in this area, Ongata Rongai slums (Kware) , like other poverty-stricken families in Kenya and Africa lack basic needs and are often victims of child abuse.

We started in August 2015 when father Samuel caught the attention of many children unable to find enough daily food used to flock in the church asking for something to eat. He raised the concern with the local members but their efforts are unsustainable due to the enormity of the problems. I am, seeking your partnership as I’ve been doing since then.

Below is a sample of the dwellings the children live in.

Our rescue activities involve provision of basic needs of food, clothing and education on children. Soon we hope to build a permanent rescue home. Currently we serve children in their own homes even if their houses are dilapidated, and mostry at church compound. We ask for your donation to sustain them and give them a bright future. Our efforts range from; giving food, paying school fees, buying school uniform and other personal, learning requirements to these children. We are raising children holistically; they are our assurance for a sustainable future. Failure to act on laying a good foundation for young ones spells doom for many generations to come in addition to defying God’s will that we assist the poor amongst us. Every day we put a smile on a child we believe that we are giving hope and a promising future. We hope to have your hand in accomplishing this noble and unavoidable duty.

Every child, no matter their background deserve a descent life, enjoyable childhood through provisions; your once, monthly or annual donation can go great extents in providing this. Kindly walk with us as we journey towards this great endeavor. Your donation even of 5 dollars or five Euros means a lot here.   We have started by providing daily meals every and now many of them are coming daily to ask for food and educational assistance. If only we had a permanent place to establish a rescue center we would be sure of our journey of transforming the lives of many young children whose future is highly susceptible to uncertainty. One of our church saints asserts that ‘my brothers’ life is my life’ that whatever happens to our brother also happens to me, whether am the cause of it or not. By not helping needy children in our neighborhoods we directly and indirectly contribute towards poor living conditions amongst us. Our joy is pegged in the joy of our little ones.

Please join us and make our journey less strenuous.  Many children are really are truly in need. Help us now, be with us and if possible visit us.