Ongata Rongai Development Organization(ORDEPO) is a National Non-Governmental Organization. It was founded and registered in Kenya in 2019 by a group of men and women who had the same vision and mission. The founding group had in mind an entity that would provide them with a forum of supporting and empowering women and educating their children who are mostly affected by poverty. Due to poor educational background leading to unemployment, the organization seeks to provide entrepreneurship training to women. This will be done through trainings by seasoned entrepreneurs with a niche in growing small scale businesses. These trainings will help women run small businesses for self-sustenance.

In these counties, many children are dropping out of schools due to lack of school fees, and this leads to early and unwanted pregnancies, early marriages and increase in poverty not to mention increase in crime in the neighborhoods. To help control this, the organization focuses on providing school fees for school going children who are lacking. In addition, it supplies education items such as uniforms, stationaries too. Knowledge is power and education is key to a good life. When these two are combined we are assured of cutting the chain of poverty. Thus ORDEPO has embarked on making tremendous achievement in contributing significantly to the national effort aimed at alleviating poverty to the community.

Poverty manifests itself at worst through hunger. There can be no education on empty stomachs. We provide nutritional support by feeding school going children to ensure their schooling is not disrupted due to hunger-related complications. Moreover, ORDEPO provide psychosocial support to any of the women and children who may require such.

Our motto is “uplifting peoples lives ” in which ORDEPO seeks to address the issue of alleviating poverty both in women and children, with a whole set of services in education, economic empowerment, psychosocial support and health services.

ORDEPO’s programs and activities are guided by a set of national plans,laws, policies and the new Kenyan constitution.