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Gospel Reading
During the
Divine Liturgy

Early Childhood

Fr Samuel Macharia (Ignatios) was born on the year of our Lord 1980 being the fifth child  and brought up by his parents who were dedicated orthodox Christians.


He went to primary and secondary school between 1987 to 1999 then and there after, joined his Sunday School pastoral class studies at St Makarios Seminary School till 2006 and attained a certificate. Fr. Samuel also joined Orthodox African College for Social Studies and attained a diploma at the same time doing his diploma in Theology  at Makarios III Patriarchal Seminary, by the grace of God he was ordained as deacon on the year January 2009


Fr. Samuel was ordained to the rank of priesthood by his spiritual father His Eminence Archbishop Makarios and given the name Fr. Ignatius. By the grace of God he executes his duties of administering the Church and performing the Holy Sacraments as was commanded to do.

Charity Work

Fr. Ignatius (Samuel) Loves to gives back to the community and the children. that’s why he started a rescue centre and an academy to cater for poor children who are not able to afford basic needs like education, food, Clothing and shelter.