St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre: Post Visit Report.

On 24th of August 2023, a dedicated team from St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre visited a family that we have been consistently supporting. The primary objective of this visit was to provide them with much-needed food. Our diligent efforts were aimed at ensuring the family had a comfortable and nourishing evening. This post visit report highlights the key details and outcomes of our visit.
The family we visited is composed of 4 members. The Mother divorced after experiencing abuse in her marriage, she is currently taking care of her children on her own. Unfortunately, they have been facing financial constraints for some time now, making it extremely challenging to meet their basic needs. Recognizing their desperate situation, our organization has been actively assisting them in various ways. The two older children are a part of our academy and feeding program.

The aim of the Visit was to;

  1. Provide immediate relief by offering them a sufficient supply of food for the night.
  2. Connect with the family members to understand their current situation and assess any additional assistance they might require.
  3. Reinforce the support system of the family, providing empathy and compassion.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • The team arrived at the family’s residence punctually On Thursday 24th of August 2023. They were warmly greeted by the family members and invited inside.
  • Our team brought along an assortment of food items, including perishable and non-perishable goods. These provisions aimed to provide sustenance for the family throughout the evening.
  • The team initiated a heartfelt conversation with the family, expressing the genuine concern of St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre for their well-being. They also actively listened to their concerns, seeking opportunities for long-term solutions.
  • The food items were neatly organized and presented to the family, ensuring that their dietary preferences and restrictions were taken into account.
  • The family gratefully accepted the aid, conveying their sincere appreciation for the continued support provided by St Ignatius OrthodoxChildCare and RescueMissionCentre.
  • Our team empathetically shared available resources such as helpline numbers, community assistance programs, and counseling services, emphasizing that we are committed to alleviating their struggles beyond just a single visit.

After this visit:

  • St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre will review the family’s case and assess the long-term support required to enable their overall well-being.
  • Future visits will be scheduled to ensure regular assistance, offering not only essential supplies but also connecting them with other relevant resources available within the community.
  • Internal discussions will be held to explore potential ways to enhance our assistance by collaborating with other local organizations and sharing the family’s situation to maximize support.

The visit to the family in need was a profound demonstration of St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre’s commitment to serving the community. By providing them with food for the night and actively listening to their concerns, we aimed to offer both immediate relief and long-term solutions. Our organization will continue to advocate for this family, exploring ways to impact their lives positively and enable their journey towards financial stability and self-sufficiency. I would like to thank all of you that are helping our centre to fulfil its mission.

Fr Samuel Macharia
St Ignatius Orthodox Child Care and Rescue Mission Centre.

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