Child labor means employing children below the age of 14-18 years old in factories industries etc. Although child labor is illegal and punishable act as per the government laws, still its highly common in our country. Number of factories hire young children to work for them where they are badly paid and taken advantage of, and mistreated in other places as well.

" Child labor is really shameful thing for humanity. It is crime against humanity."

As we say that children are the future of this nation, they should be taken to school to get proper education but unfortunately, their future goes at stake working in these factories and industries.Some become streets children and even hired to collect scrap metals and sell on  behalf of the companies and individuals involved.Other children are being  used to sell and deliver illegal drug and due to this exposure,  these children end up abusing them. Higher rates of poverty and unemployment are some of the major factors that children are forced to do such jobs forcefully. Due to poverty, people in rural places are not able to take care of their children in distress and because of their poor condition, they send their children to cities so that they can work and earn livelihood and support their families too.

To make change in these situations, St. Ignatius Orthodox Academy and Child Rescue Mission Centre we give free education, feeding programs, shelter, school uniform , stationary , spiritual care, counseling and training them at the right age so that they can learn to earn livelihoods.


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